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Adventist Community Restoration Center exists to restore fractured lives, rebuild broken communities, and renew hope for a better tomorrow. We will achieve this through consistent action, well placed programs, and having a group of committed volunteers who have a passion for service and seeing the Greensboro community thrive.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

While the fight against the food desert of East Greensboro continues, Adventist Community Restoration Center fills the gap by providing weekly access to fresh fruit and produce to individuals and families. This weekly food distribution initiative has helped the community take steps towards a healthier existence while diminishing food insecurities within the East Greensboro area.

This initiative allows volunteers to directly impact the health outcomes of the community, while also providing the meaningful chance to directly communicate with and build relationships with the citizens of Greensboro

Bi-Weekly Dinner Meals Distribution for our Youth

The school lunch program is a valuable program that many young people in the East Greensboro community utilize. Unfortunately this program only provides two of the three meals a day each to which child. Our Bi-Weekly Dinner Meal Distribution program fills in this gap for our young people ages 0-18 in the East Greensboro Community. We take the burden and stress from families struggling to make ends meet by ensuring no child in East Greensboro has to go to bed hungry. 

Our youth are one of the most vulnerable populations and they deserve to have confidence and peace knowing that the community is willing to provide for their needs when their families are unable to. Volunteers in this program find joy in knowing they are helping the next generation of leaders in Greensboro learn what it means to put others before self. A character building quality that will benefit their personal futures and the future of the Greensboro Community.

Helping Build A Better Future

1 in 5 individuals in Greensboro are living in poverty. Greensboro and High Point were ranked number one in food insecurity in 2014. A record of 44 homicides was reported in 2017. Prisons in the region are built based on 3rd-grade test scores. 

This was the story of Greensboro. This was the narrative. But these statistics don’t have to be its future. Adventist Community Restoration Center is here to make transformation a reality.

Transformation in Greensboro begins with being future focused. This transformational change equates to improving economic outlooks, leveling the playing field in classrooms, living longer healthy lives, and developing a pipeline of community leaders with high character and a heart for serving others. 

Through consistent action and building strong community relations our volunteer initiatives will allow these aspects of the transformation Greensboro is waiting for to finally begin.