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Adventist Community Restoration Center

We exist to restore fractured lives, rebuild broken communities, and renew hope of a better tomorrow. 


4 Pillars of Excellence Community Help

Character & Leadership

A thriving community has two things. Great leadership and great future leaders. All of the citizens have the potential to be leaders in their own right and with the right training and motivation this can be a reality. While we encourage outside organizations and leaders to be a part of the work we do in the Greensboro community, it is just as important for the residents to get involved in their own transformation. 

We provide opportunities for the community to participate as volunteers in our food initiatives and our mentoring efforts. Being a servant to man is a character building trait that will lead to the development of leaders who will have the interests of the community at heart not themselves. This selflessness is exactly what the community needs.

Economic Empowerment

Resources and the lack thereof is a big gap to overcome, but it’s not impossible. While economic opportunities may often seem out of reach, it is more likely that the missing element is education. In educating the community about positive financial health practices, we then turn to empowering them to create opportunities to improve their own economic outlook. 

Armed with a desire to see the improvement of their community and an increase in economic independence, all areas of the communities can feel the benefits. Knowledge is key.

Education Awareness

Statistics and standardized scores do not always paint a full or fair picture of the educational potential of a community. Understanding that everyone learns differently or may not have the same educational growth opportunities, we partner with specialized organizations, both public and private. These organizations provide non-traditional methods and platforms to decrease the education gap and increase the confidence of our community With a renewed confidence in their own ability to learn and create, they will envision a better future for themselves and their community.

Health & Wellness

One of our most important pillars, the health message we strive to present is to not be complacent with what you have, but instead fight for what you need. Our health & wellness initiative seeks to emphasize the importance of a proper diet to help sustain life and negate diseases that plague the community. It also seeks to help the community to value not only their physical health, but their mental health as well. 

By improving access to and understanding the importance of these resources, the community can begin generational health changes, increase life expectancy, renew community relations and gain a positive outlook on life.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Adventist Community Restoration Center brings the resources of economic empowerment, education awareness, character & leadership development, and health & wellness to underserved communities. Bringing these much-needed resources will restore fractured lives, rebuild broken communities and renew hope for a better tomorrow.

Our Vision

Adventist Community Restoration Center will restore and revitalize urban communities into thriving environments of hope and flourishing future.