Adventist Community Restoration Center.

Our Vision

Restoring and revitalizing the urban Greensboro community into a thriving environment of hope for a better future.

Our Mission

Donate your time, money and love to to heal fractured lives, rebuild broken communities and provide much-needed resources to the underserved Greensboro community.

How You Can Get Involved

Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

Our volunteer programs are perfect for those who see the importance of tackling community revitalization heads-on with a hands-on approach. Our most active volunteer program is our weekly food distribution initiative in East Greensboro.

Sponsor Program

Whether you represent a large corporation or a local small business, your donation can be the catalyst for long term community transformation. Your donation will impact our initiatives that directly benefit the community. This also provides the opportunity to announce yourself to our community as a company who cares.

Community Fund

If you have a particular passion for a service that we provide, you can donate directly to that cause and be assured that 100% of your donation will be utilized in that area. Whether it be our weekly food distribution, community mentoring, or providing dinners to the youth in the Greensboro area, your kind donation will have the impact you desire.

What We Do

We know our community has the potential, they just need the opportunity. Adventist Community Restoration Center focuses on bringing much-needed resources to our underserved communities so they can begin to experience revitalization. Consistent involvement and consistent initiatives will assist in unlocking the full potential of youth, their families and the entire Greensboro community.

Our Story

Our founder, Cedrick Parker, started Adventist Community Restoration Center in 2019, but its origin story begins in 1999. That year, as a young man living in Greensboro, he experienced a loss that would have a significant impact on his values, his goals and his career.

In 1999, he lost a childhood friend to gun violence. His friend was unfortunately labeled, just another statistic. A young black man from a broken home in a broken community. Another young black man taken too soon from an environment that never gave him a fair chance. Experiencing this, Cedric started to make observations and ask questions. 

What if…….

Ongoing Causes

Single actions are great in the short-term, but Adventist Community Restoration Center believes that true transformation of the community only begins when organizations take consistent action. Consistent action builds trust within the community, allows for a measurable impact, and provides a platform for the community to continually see their true value.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Distribution Program

While the fight against the food desert of East Greensboro continues, Adventist Community Restoration Center fills the gap by providing weekly access to fresh fruit and produce to individuals and families. This weekly food distribution initiative has helped the community take steps towards a healthier existence while diminishing food insecurities within the East Greensboro area.

Bi-Weekly Dinner Meals Distribution for our Youth

The school lunch program is a valuable program that many young people in the East Greensboro community utilize. Unfortunately this program only provides two of the three meals a day each child needs to survive. Our Bi-Weekly Dinner Meal Distribution program fills in this gap for our young people ages 0-18 in the East Greensboro Community. We take the burden and stress from families struggling to make ends meet by ensuring no child in East Greensboro has to go to bed hungry.